About the area

Húnaþing vestraIn Hunathing vestra region you find something for whole family. With its verdant heathlands, seashores teeming with life, lofty mountain peaks, angling in rivers and lakes, and a wide range of accommodation and activities, visitors will delight in this area, its splendid nature and its vibrant community.

Will you go seal-watching? Or horse-riding? Try angling for salmon or trout? Or go walking, see the museums and exhibitions, the wide variety of arts and crafts, participate in local festivities, explore the birdlife, or take a cruise out to sea, and watch the Midnight Sun sink slowly down to touch the horizon as you sip hot chocolate, to a soothing accordion accompaniment?

After a day of pleasure and adventure, nothing can beat a delicious meal and a good night’s rest. Hunathing vestra offers a variety of accommodation to suit every pocket and preference – from pleasant campsites to cosy guesthouses, hotels and farmhouse accommodation.

Welcome to Húnaþing vestra – we make you feel at home.