Horse roundup 3rd-5th October at Víðidalstungurétt

Next weekend 3rd-5th October is a huge event in Húnaþing vestra.  On Saturday we have the largest horse roundup in Iceland, Víðidalstungurétt, when farmers gather their horses from the highland. The event starts on Friday and goes on until Sunday evening. Now is the perfect opportunity to see the Icelandic horse and meet the farmers.
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Friday 3rd.
- The farmers bring the horses from the highland.
- Gathering at Kolugil farm. Refreshment for the farmers, riding people and other guests 14:00-17:00
- Meat soup at Víðidalstungurétt (the corral) 17:00.
- Open house at Gauksmyri lodge. Hour 21:00-01:00. Live music.

Saturday 4th.
- The farmers take the horses to the corral around 10:00 and start the round up.
- At 14:00 the lottery starts. First price is young foal. You buy tickets at the café.
- Dancing starts at 23:00-03:00 at the Víðihlíð community hall. The famous Geirmundur band plays the music.

Sunday 5th.
Open house at Sindrastaðir the new horse ranch. 13:00-16:00.