Melstašur Church

Melstašur, Photo: Eysteinn Gušni Gušnason
Melstašur, Photo: Eysteinn Gušni Gušnason

Melstašur (map)
531 Hvammstangi

Melstašur is a church in Mišfjöršur. First settlement at Melstašur is registered in the 14th century. Arngrķmur Jónsson is possibly the most known priest to have lived and worked in Melstašur. Current church was built in 1947.

The first christian same-sex marriage in Iceland took place in the church of Melstašur in 2008.

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Photograph by Eysteinn Gušni Gušnason, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.