Hvammstangi - Kirkjuhvammur

Seen to west. Photo GMHK
Seen to west. Photo GMHK

1 hour

In Hvammstangi is a marked hiking path which starts next to the Kaupfélag grocery store. The path starts north of the bridge between the Kaupfélag grocery store and Hlaðan café but there you can find the hiking sign. One should follow the riverbed on a gravel path upwards until you reach a small foot bridge. It is worth going over the bridge, sit down at a nearby bench, and enjoy the area. After that you'll continue following the river south of the Hvammstangi church. Shortly after the church you will get a nice view over the town. The path then continues along the river until you reach the camping ground.

When you've reached the camping ground and the old Kirkjuhvammur church you'll see an information sign about the church and settlement in the area. In the parking lot behind the church is a good overview sign showing the hiking path up to the canyon.

Kirkjan í Hvammi

Now we will continue up to the canyon and walk over a footbridge. Shortly afterwards you will see the only corn mill in Iceland powered by water.

Myllan í Hvammi

Head back over the foot bridge to the northern bank of the river. Then follow the path eastwards unto the canyon. The path is marked and is very visible. Although in late summer the vegitation sometimes manages to cover the path making it a bit more difficult to see. Continue following the river until you see a fence and a ladder over it. When you reach the ladder do not climb it but instead head back but walk on the hillside and enjoy the view over the area.

The hike continues throughout the area and ends by the old church.