Káraborg - Klambrar

Klambrar in Vesturhóp. Photo:  GMHK
Klambrar in Vesturhóp. Photo: GMHK

12 kilometers, elevation is about 500 meters. 3 hour walk.

On Klambrar one can find a renovated stone house from 1880-1885, which is conserved and in the icelandic register of antiquities. The local doctor lived there and hosted a apothecary and a hospital. The name of the stonesmith is unknown, but this type of stone houses is extremely rare in rural Iceland.


From Káraborg one can walk along a highly visible trail to the east. After that no official path is visible. Ţröskuldur is a heath between Ţrćlsfell and Sótafell and from there one will hike down through Ormsdalur. Hike ends right next to Klambrar in Vesturhóp.