Church of Hvammstangi

Hvammstangakirkja, Photo: Eysteinn Gu­ni Gu­nason
Hvammstangakirkja, Photo: Eysteinn Gu­ni Gu­nason

Kirkjuvegur 2
530 Hvammstangi (map)

Phone: +354 451 2840

Hvammstangakirkjaáor the church of Hvammstangi is the main church of the Hvammstangi parish. The church was inaugurated on the 21st of July, 1957, and was designed by Gu­jˇn Sam˙elsson. Church builder was Snorri Jˇhannesson from Hvammstangi. The church stands on high ground by Kirkjuvegur. The river Sy­ri-Hvammsß runs south of the church.

A church congregational hall designed by Haraldur V. Haraldsson was built and inaugurated in 2007 on the 50 year anniversary of the church.

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Photograph by Eysteinn Gu­ni Gu­nason, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.