Brandagil - Húkur

Eiríksjökull. Photo: GMHK
Eiríksjökull. Photo: GMHK

Elevation change is about 240 m, one way takes about 2 hours.

Hikers on their way to Brandagil

Happy hikers on the way to Brandagil. Photo: GMHK

Jeep-, horse riding-, and hiking route. Perfect for cyclists to circumvent the main road. Great view and peaceful road.

It is said that nowhere in Europe is it as easy to see the common loon (Gavia Immer) as he travels all the way from America to lay eggs in the area. Do note that only a single couple of common loons settles on each lake.



Peace and quiet between Húkur and Brandagil. Photo: GMHK

The hike starts right next to road 1, south of the abandoned farm Brandagil in Hrútafjörður. There you will find a gate where you can park your vehicles. It can be useful to park one vehicle there and another one by the abandoned farm Húkur in Vesturárdalur valley, unless the plan is to walk back and forth.

Easy hike on a gravel road.