Grund - Hvammstangi

Hiking from Grund to Hvammstangi. Photo: GMHK
Hiking from Grund to Hvammstangi. Photo: GMHK

This hike is of medium quality with a 400 m elevation change. 11 kilometers, 3 hours.

Once a year, related to the festival "Eldur í Húnaþingi" hikers will get the chance to participate in a mountain hike. Interested parties can keep an eye for more information on the festival website at


Road 711. Start hike from the farm Grund in Vesturhóp. There you'll see a waterfall named Foss and shortly after a path leading up Heydalur valley. There's some slight sudden elevation change but apart from that an easy path. When you reach Þröskuldur the hike will lead you through a highland landscape with a marked path to Ytri Hvammsá river which flows north of Hvammstangi. The hike ends at the Hvammstangi camping area in Hvammur.

Hiking the opposite way, from Hvammur to Grund is of course also possible.