Strandir mountains seen from Illugastašir
Strandir mountains seen from Illugastašir

Road 711. Illugastašir is a historic farm where farmer and herbalist Natan Ketilsson was murdered in the year 1828 and that lead to the last execution in Iceland 1830. Recent book by the australian author Hannah Kent, Burial Rites follows the story of the alleged murderes Agnes and Frišrik and their execution at Žrķstapi in Austur Hśnavatnssżsla for the murders. The ruins of Natan's workshop is still visible on a reef named Smišjusker. Illugastašir has a beautiful view over to Strandir on the Westfjords.


800 meter long and easy going trail starts by the parking lot near Illugastašur leading down to the seal watching location. There you will find a shelter, guestbook and binoculars to watch the seals while they hang out by the reef or swim in the sea.

The trail is closed between 30th of april and 20th of june and all traffic is forbidden because of eider duck nesting season.

Selir viš Illugastaši

Seals near Illugastašir. Photo: Birgit Kositzke