Langafit in Laugarbakki

The path. Photo: GMHK
The path. Photo: GMHK

1 hour.

The hike starts in front of the community centre Įsbyrgi in Laugarbakki. There is a trail that leads down towards the Mišfjaršarį river. The trail goes through high wild fauna towards the river bank where one will turn southward and follow the river. Bird life is diverse along the path in the summertime. This is where the historical horse competition in the sory of Grettir the strong happened. The area is called Langafit and the story tells that the audience sat in the hillside but the competition itself happened on the plateau below. The path continues along the river between fences and river banks below Laugarbakki towards the hotel on the south side of the village. In one place a fence has been raised over the path but it is easily crossed. After reaching the hotel you can follow the road onto the main road and turn north. Follow the road back to the community centre.

It is recommend to have a copy of Grettis saga along with you