Breiğabólsstağur is a church by Vesturhóp where a great noble farm was in the past.

A man lived there in the 11th century named Hafliği Másson, who had his finger cut off by Şorgill from Stağarhóll. From that event comes the icelandic saying "Dır mundi Hafliği allur". During this time, Icelandic laws were written and registered there during the winter of 1117 and 1118. A memorial for that event was constructed and put up by Breiğabólstağur in the year 1974. When the first printer came to Iceland in 1530 it was put up at Breiğabólsstağur, but that was administered by Jón Matthíasson.

The current church was built in 1893 and has a conserved status because of its age.