Víđidalstunga Church

Víđidalstungikirkja, Photo: Jóna Ţórunn
Víđidalstungikirkja, Photo: Jóna Ţórunn

Víđidalstunga (map)
531 Hvammstangi

Víđidalstunga church is located in Víđidalstunga in Víđidalur. The farm stands between the Víđidalsá and Fitjár rivers.

The church was built in 1889 primarily from wood and houses up to 100 people. Ásgrímur Jónsson painted the altar piece in 1916 but it shows the sermon on the mount.

The famous Flateyjarbók book was written in Víđidalstunga around 1400, but it is one of the greatest vellum manuscripts preserved in Iceland. Jón Hákonarson (f. 1350), farmer in Víđidalstunga, had the book written but it is estimated that 113 calfskins were needed for the project.

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Photograph by Jóna Ţórunn, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.